Whatsapp Status In Hindi 2019

Whatsapp Status In Hindi 2019
Whatsapp Status In Hindi 2019

It’s really important to have a great WhatsApp status these days, it shows who you are as a person and it really shows your more literary side. (In addition, it’s a great way to demonstrate your poetry skills and tell others how you really feel about them).

WhatsApp is a chatting app that allows you to chat and talk to similar people who have WhatsApp freely with the internet. You can also call these people and exchange emojis and GIFs via the basic chat window of WhatsApp.

Since we have found WhatsApp to be an amazing app to send different WhatsApp messages and WhatsApp statues to show some of your skills or upload a love status or even share some lines from your favorite Bollywood films,We decided to write down some whatsApp status in Hindi, some Hindi attitude status for all those who want people to know how they feel.

We’ve also written down some attitude status, English love status and Hindi love status. For those who want to upload a sad status on WhatsApp or a funny status on WhatsApp, we also have something. You’ll probably find it through our list The best status of WhatsApp anybody ever had!

Status of attitude Whatsapp in Hindi or attitude Whatsapp attitude status in English

Ghadi koyi bhi Badi ho…. Apna hona chahiye Lekin waqt

Mat Dekh hasina muje tu yu “Haste-Haste “Mere kamine Dosto ne dekh liya to kahenge?

SirF 2 Chize hi MasHoor Hai, Mera Style OR GF Ki SmiLe….

Zamana Ruk Jata hai, by meri Pic dekh kar Zamana Jhuk jata hai!!

Sat da Vigde Hoye Sau JAtt da Dil Te Lagi Ilaaz Beeba Koi Na!!

Shukar MaaN Ke Maine tere se kabi Nhi Ki, WarNaa Tere DiL Ko to TerE KhilaaF Krr DeTa….

Girl of Hansi and Dog Khamosi should never trust .. !!

Apne ghar ke sanskaro ko manta hu, tujhe kab ki teri aukaT dikha di hoTi!!

Pasand aaya to Dil me, Nahi to Dimag me, bhi nhi. “

Desi jeha Jatt c ho gya Tere piche lag ke ho gya trendy!!!

Whatsapp Status In Hindi 2019

What can you get from a Great Whatsapp Status?

Given the Love Status for Whatsapp below, the best selected Love Status in Hindi and English Language You can select the Love Status Collection for Whatsapp and use it on your Whatsapp:

Love Status in English: Love status for Whatsapp in 2019

” Mene bhi badal diye apne zindagi ke ausul, Ab yaad karega woh yaad rahega!

” Hi Hum Khamosh Ho Gaye, Jaane Kyun Aapko Dekthe “

Log kehte hai ki mohabbat ek bar hoti hain, use dekhu mujhe hr bar hoti h.

Aisa nahi hai ki mein tere bina jee nahi sakta, sach to yeh hai ki mein tere bina jeena nahi chahata.

Jiski sazaa tum ho, Mujhe aisa koi gunaah karna hain…

Hum na Badlenge Waqt ki raftar ke saath, Andaaz purana Hoga.

Where Phool jo aaj tak khila nahi, Khuda kare aaj ke din aapko wo sab kuchh mile, Jo aaj tak kisi ko kabhi mila nahi.

Jiske pass samay rehta hai to use samajh nahi rehta, Aur jab uske pass samajh a jati hai tab uske pas samay nahi bachta.

Whatsapp Status In Hindi 2019

Whatsapp Status In Hindi 2019

Funny Whatsapp Status Funny Status in English for Whatsapp

Watch out!! I know karate… and a few words!!!

It’s amazing that every day the amount of news in the world fits the length of the newspaper.

Compliments!! My tallest finger wants to ovation you.

A black cat passing by the crossroad can stop hundreds of people for a long time what a red light on the traffic signal failed to do!

Maintain moving! There is nothing new to read…

Status under construction.

Take Life, cup by cup!

Another password married…!

Today’s smile, tomorrow might be worse.

I’m not special, I’m only limited.

Life is like ice cream, before melting, enjoy it.

Why is so close to Monday from Friday and Friday???

Whatsapp Status In Hindi 2019


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