What is 5G? Everything you need to know

What is 5G? Everything you need to know
What is 5G? Everything you need to know

Hi friends Today, in this post, we’ll talk about 5 g technology. This is the 5 g technology and differs from 4 g or 3 g. And what sort of improvement in internet speed will we find in 5 g technology? 5 g is very important to us as we rely on the Internet.Well, we need fast online speed. In the coming time, almost all companies have created and launched a driverless car with their new inventions. And if they are connected in such a way The 5 g technology internet will then be able to monitor their vehicles in live time and the inspection can be followed in real time.

What is 5g technology

What is 5G? Everything you need to know

As you know people, telecom companies are preparing to laumch 5g in the near future. And that has already started testing in many places. Right now we have 4g technology available only to the people. Air its current speed is also quite good. We get about 4 mg from 10 mbps to download speed of 15 mbps and the same uploading speed achieves speed from 5mbps to 7mbps. And this speed is very good for us from 3g and 2g.
5g has just a little time left to come, but it has begun by jio. We will be able to see 5g internet connection soon. But it is not easy to get 5g all the logos accessible, it will work on a very high frequency. At the moment it is not known for its frequency but if the news is received, its frequemcy can range from 3200mhz to 3500mhz. But the problem in this freqency is that it does not range much further, due to which it can be difficult to make it available to all people, but the telecom industry is engaged in solving this problem and to increase its range New technologies are being searched. It may be that more mobile towers are installed, but due to this, our environment will also have a bad effect. Its radio waves will be quite strong, which can also threaten humans. But if this techmology becomes available then we will move one more step towards transferring real time data. To use 5g inyernet in mobile, we also need a 5g enabled device. That is not currently available in the market but it will also come soon.

Benefits of 5g technology

1We will get very good internet speed in 5g.We can get around 100mbps of downloading speed in this.

2 We will get good uploading speed along with downloading speed in 5g.
With the speed of 5g, we will be able to track real time.

3 On this, we will not have any problem in streaming video and HD to uhd.

Conclusion Right now, companies are thinking about 5g and if you say that, then testing is also going to start. But hardly is it available to us in 2019. But if 5G internet becomes available to all, then it will help us in the field of education and infrastructure.
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What is 5G? Everything you need to know


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