Guide to building a successful blog in 2019

Guide to building a successful blog in 2019
Guide to building a successful blog in 2019

How to build a successful blog–if you are one of the people who created a blog by seeing others, you earn. If yes, I’m sure you ‘re not a successful blogger because there are different reasons for building a successful blog. Here’s the official guide to setting up a successful blog in 2019,Read carefully I give every New blogger’s dos and don’t.

Find a blog Niche at first

It’s the first step to create a blog if you have no niche what you do after you create a blog? So clear your blog niche first. After that, do some research on what the competition in this niche is like, what the search volume is, CPC, It’s very helpful for your blog, then etc.

Do research with keywords

When you finish the blog niche search, you do a keyword search before you create a blog. Search for keywords that write articles on these keywords in low competition. It will help you to publish this article easily after you have created a blog.

Choose the right platform

After writing an article, choose the right blog platform if you can spend the money on hosting and go to WordPress because it’s easy to use and you can easily use the SEO page with the help of Yoast plugin.

If you do n’t have money to spend on this then create your blog on which is the product of Google and totally free but I will suggest you buy a domain for your blog.

Buy a top- level domain

Buy a top- level domain always doesn’t go cheap if you’re on a long- term blog. When buying a domain, try buying a short domain name that has keywords and can also be used for branding. Don’t buy a long queen domain, it’s not good for branding.

Do important settings

If your blog is ready, submit your blog to the search console with your blog’s sitemap. Customize the themes of your blog to create pages for your blog to set it to robot.txt.

To get traffic on your blog,

start promoting your blog on social media, place your guest post on another blog when you do this, your blog gets referral traffic from other sites and people will also know your blog and visit it on your blog.

Create Aim For Your Blog

Yes, it’s definitely going to help you grow your blog to create a target for your blog what you want from your blog, I also create targets for my blog like this month I want a lot of traffic on my blog, I’ll succeed this blog this or that month, so create a small target.Guide to building a successful blog in 2019

Keep Time For Your Blog(The Main Seo) After you create a blog daily, write articles on your blog daily Create links for your site to write articles on trendy topics and write articles on which topic is helpful to your public.Guide to building a successful blog in 2019

In the end, I’ll just tell you that it takes the time that you ca n’t get money from your blog in just one day to give your blog time for at least six months. Always learn something new, don’t forget that when you write an article, the SEO always does the right keyword research. Guide to building a successful blog in 2019


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