First time approval AdSense Tips for beginners new trick 2019

First Time AdSense Approval Tips for Beginners | New trick 2019
  1. First time approval AdSense Tips for beginners new trick 2019
  2. Space

Buy top dimension spaces in .COM, and similar. This is a great deal in the blogging area. Inquiries at present arise that there are very expensive areas like .com, and there is no desire to start speculation. At that time you can go to the .xyz area, which is 90rs from Just go for that area. If you have more spending plans than going for .com

Note: – Please do not go with the expectation of free space because earlier I was rejected due to free DOMAIN.

  1. Post First time approval AdSense Tips for beginners new trick 2019

To remember this, writing fewer than 15 words that post words should be more than 600 words. 15 Post adsense is enough for approval on the spot that you write more than this, AdSense can dismiss your site, you should repeat each post after that, which requires some serious energy. So keep only 15 posts, it will be difficult to modify for you.

  1. Articles Easy to Understand

Write easy to use articles SEO is not cordial, so your perusers can do without a comprehensive understanding on the basis that Google says that you are here to give some information to give some information here. Try not to make your post complex. Simplify your post so that Perverse can easily view them.

  1. One of the kind substances

This does not mean that you do not have the privilege to post, which is now in Google. In fact, in the blogging area, do not duplicate them from any other webpage, correct them in their particular way. Google thinks it’s easy to duplicate what you’ve repeated. Well on the spot, you duplicate duplicate of 100 words or 150 and instead they change them.

  1. Pictures

Writing and Sharing the Importance of Blogging Try not to use such a large number of pictures in your post in light of this fact, so Google says that enough work should be done for 1 photo thumbnail. You can use it after approval.

First time approval AdSense Tips for beginners new trick 2019

  1. Topics and customizations

So you should use light and simple topics. Keep your site clean, do not use such a large number of gadgets, only use important and compulsory gadgets. Create your site’s logo and keep it all to finish, it gives Google adsense an impression. Make a previous name or tag and classification for all posts. In addition to putting Android related gifts related to Android Diversion in PC turning classification, you have a turn site on the Android Entertainment Class and a turning point identified with PC Diverns. With these lines, do not create less than 5 classes in each classification and keep 3 positions or more. The primary concern is to catch a valid menu in your subject. You can see my site which is a basic and convergent connection to start the post.

  1. Pages

In fact it should be on the second number. However, this is fine. You should create 4 pages that are important for your site, i.e. contact with a security approach, size and disclaimer. This page is important that you can write it yourself or you can produce it for different destinations to give it.

  1. Sitemap

At that time the fundamental things come Present your sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools The theory is that your post is the best way to slip on Google and without this your site will never receive support. Submit sitemap beyond any doubts that each of your posts have been given offline on Google that they do not record them as a result.

Before applying for Adsense, things should be remembered.

  1. Try not to keep your site under work, advance your site directly with the bat and make sure that you have done all things and later apply for AdSense.
  2. When you apply for AdSense before applying to distribute a post, then at the time AdSense believes that you are dynamic.
  3. All posts are ordered on Google or check to crawl in Google page.

So now these people are ready to accept your site for acknowledgment of AdSense and stay peaceful for 24 hours, make sure that you get welcome mail.First time approval AdSense Tips for beginners new trick 2019



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