Custom Domain benefits

How to launch your first blog? 
How to launch your first blog? 
How to launch your first blog? 
How to launch your first blog? 

The main reason why you use Blogspot or Blogger is that it is free and you do not need a lot of technical knowledge. You don’t like WordPress and you don’t have to worry about hosting or bandwidth. But the free domain you get in the.blogspot subdomain comes with them so that you can replace it.

What is a Custom Domain?

You get a domain like this in Blogspot, This type of domain name makes your blog unprofessional and users are not too confident of these sites. You can instead buy a top- level domain and add a custom domain name to your blog such as https:/ Custom Domain benefits

Social media To promote our blog and increase traffic, we use social media. Most people don’t like a blogspot subdomain and ignore such a link, which reduces the traffic on your blogspot website in social media.

SEO Custom domain is best for optimizing the search engine. Google, Bing, Yahoo’s custom domain like Search Engine gives greater priority and helps it to rank fast. This makes your SEO blog friendly, so the rank is good, and Alexa rank is good too.

AdSense The Adsense account is more likely to be approved from the custom domain and the Adsense account you receive from it is a non-hosted account, which means that you can monetize as many blogs as you want from that Adsense account without consent. Custom Domain benefits


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