Best hosting providers for WordPress in 2019

Best hosting providers for WordPress in 2019
Best hosting providers for WordPress in 2019

Best hosting providers for WordPress One website is a must for a small or large company in the digital age So not everyone has a handy amount of money to create a custom website The easy and versatile solution is to go with WordPress, world – famous CMS.

It offers a beginner – friendly platform for development and management without extensive coding knowledge. You also need a good hosting to host your WordPress website. So you can look for the best hosting providers in the market for WordPress.

But the fact is that the world is packed with hosting service providers and the list is growing every day. How do you decide which of them is the best hosting provider for WordPress?

Best hosting providers for WordPress in 2019

It’s not easy for people to choose the right host. You can’t judge a hosting provider for WordPress by looking at the plan chart. Don’t be afraid. You don’t have to go and look for the best. I have collected some of the best hosting providers for WordPress and listed them. So let’s begin.

What is hosting for WordPress?

Before discussing anything about this topic, let’s start with the question of what hosting WordPress is? We already know that WordPress is a platform for content management systems. WordPress hosting is nothing more than a type of hosting specially optimized for better performance and security on WordPress-based websites.

The host provides a one-click WordPress installation to make the entire setup process easy and easy for beginners. Some hosting providers automatically update WordPress, which automatically updates your existing version of WordPress to the latest released version if necessary. This ensures you will never unknowingly miss any updates.

Is the WordPress hosting necessary to run a website or blog based on WordPress?

The easy answer is no. The minimum requirements for running a WordPress website are PHP 5.2.4 or higher and MySQL 5.0.15 or higher. Each host can run a WordPress website on its server. Now, you may doubt why should WordPress hosting be purchased separately instead of shared hosting?

Best hosting providers for WordPress in 2019

Yes, you can run a shared or any type of hosting website based on WordPress. But the hosting plans are different from the hosting of WordPress. For this purpose, the servers used in WordPress hosting are specially tuned. You can expect better performance as a WordPress website owner.

WordPress hosting types

The hosting of WordPress is mainly two types. One is shared hosting for WordPress and hosting for WordPress.

Shared WordPress hosting

Shared hosting for WordPress is usually called “hosting for WordPress.” Your website will “share” other websites on the same server, as the name suggests. Your server is still performance optimized, but you won’t have everything for yourself. Shared hosting plans typically begin at $3-4 a month.

Managed WordPress hosting

As the name suggests, the hosting provider manages everything related to your site in managed WordPress hosting. You don’t have to worry about server configuration, server monitoring, uptime, security settings, etc. If shared hosting for WordPress is considered a 3-star hotel, managed hosting for WordPress is like a 5-star beachfront resort.

Manage hosting for WordPress is usually costly than shared hosting for WordPress. You’ll get faster speed, better server – side caching, better security features, a tested site and much more at the cost of 

Speed and performance: Speed and performance are also important for any hosting in addition to the price factor. The page loading speed was also included as a ranking factor by Google. If your website is slow, it swipes out. If you have some technical knowledge,
The hardware components used in the server can then be checked (if the host is ready to provide complete hardware information).

Security: In this online world, website security can be the number one priority. Your web host must therefore prepare for harmful cyber attacks, theft of data and malware. The host should take a regular backup that ensures that no data loss is caused.

Other features: Who doesn’t want extra features in the same budget? So make sure your hosting provider provides the necessary requirements for some additional features.

Best hosting providers for WordPress

01 Bhluehost

Bluehost is one of the best hosting providers for WordPress. The company claims it has 2 million worldwide websites. It’s also’s official hosting recommendation. Their last average uptime for 12 months is 99.99 percent and the page load time is 406ms. This means that they only have one hour of downtime per year. So imagine the service they’re going to provide. Click Here to Buy Now Blue Host

For its budget plans, most people know Bluehost. They cost their basic plans $3.95 a month. It includes 50 GB of website space, one year free domain, five parked domains, 25 subdomains, free SSL, etc. Bluehost automatically installs the latest version of WordPress after choosing Bluehost as your host and buying a WordPress hosting plan.

With custom PHP-FPM and NGINX configurations under the hood, Bluehost offers high-end server configurations specially optimized for WordPress. They also provide Sitelock security. It has an experienced customer support team 24/7 and solves your questions. They also offer unmanaged hosting for WordPress (WP Pro), which costs extra dollars.

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#02 SiteGround

SiteGround is also a well – known hosting name and the best hosting provider for WordPress. SightGround has grown rapidly since 2004 and has established a large network of more than 800,000 domain names. It’s also WordPress’s official hosting recommendation.

The StartUp plan allows you to host 1 website and costs $3.95 a month for 10 GB of web space. It includes features such as free Cloudflare CDN, free SSL certificate, free WP migrator, 30-day money back guarantee, etc. You can communicate by telephone, live chat and email.

Their last average uptime for 12 months is 99.99 percent and the page load time is 714ms. This means that they only have one hour of downtime per year. So the best level of service can be expected.

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#03  Resellerclub

In the hosting industry, Resellerclub is little unknown, but the service they offer for hosting WordPress is very impressive. It’s also known for its cheap hosting plans for WordPress. Their last average uptime for 12 months is 99.98 percent and the page load time is 820ms. This means that they only have 2 hours per year of downtime. The page loading speed is also a bit high.

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#04 HostGator

HostGator is one of the best and famous hosting providers for WordPress. HostGator has an enormous customer base and 10 million worldwide domains.

Their last average uptime for 12 months is 99.97 percent and the page load time is 421ms. This means that they only have 3 hours per year of downtime. Compared to other hosts, the page loading speed is too high. Thanks to their specially designed supercharged cloud architecture, you can load 2.5X faster on your site. Faster page loading means better satisfaction for customers.

The Starter Plan can host a website for $5.95 a month. It offers 1 GB of web space and can handle 100k visits per month. The exact bandwidth will not be specified. All HostGator plans include a free SSL certificate, $100 credits from Google Adwords and some other security tools. Credit from Google Adwords can help you run your campaign.

Their customer support team is very responsive and supports them 24/7. You can contact them by telephone, live chat or by email.

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#05 A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a new member of the hosting industry, but quickly becomes popular. Their best hosting is one of the reasons behind popularity. Their last average uptime for 12 months is 99.91 percent and the page load time is 392ms. This means that they have 9 hours per year of downtime. The uptime is quite low, but the fast loading time can compensate for it.

Their WordPress 1-site hosting costs $ 11.99 a month. It includes 1 website, 10 GB SSD storage, unlimited transfer, free SSL, free CDN, turbo speed technology, staging site, automatic backups, personal license for free jetpack and money back guarantee at all times.

They provide customer support 24/7 and can be contacted by phone, email or live chat.

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#06 InMotion Hosting

Inmotion is also an old member and owns 3,00,000 domains in this list. It’s also the best hosting provider for WordPress. Their last average uptime for 12 months is 99.94 percent and the page load time is 803ms. This means that they have 6 hours per year of downtime. Compared to other members in the list, the uptime and page loading speed is low.

They don’t provide an instant account if you’re outside the US. For international customers, they have such a rule. It takes some time to check a new account. They offer many hosting plans for WordPress in the various price range. The WP-1000S starting plan can host 1 website and costs $7.26 a month. It includes a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, 40 GB SSD storage, unlimited email accounts etc.

Their customer support is not very good but not the worst and you can contact them via telephone, email or live chat.

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Best hosting comparison for WordPress We have listed the best hosting for WordPress above. Let’s compare it side by side.

Sr.NoHosting CompanyCostLoad TimeUptimeSupport
05A2 Hosting$3.99/mo392ms99.91%4/5
06InMotion Hosting$7.26/mo803ms99.94%4/5

Best hosting providers for WordPress in 2019

We recommend Bluehost for WordPress hosting. What is your choice? Feel free to comment and let me know.

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